Solids (Srength of Materials) Review

   Statics and Dynamics dictate how bodies react or move when subjected to external forces.   Solids deals with how these externally applied loads are carried internally in the body , i.e  what kind and magnitude of stresses and strains are created.  The simplest models assume that states of tension, bending and shear or combinations are created.  These videos covers bars in tension, beams in bending, shafts in torsion, thin walled pressure vessels, column buckling and two dimensional stress states.  

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01  Load and Thermal Elongation         09  Concentrated Load on a Beam

02  Stress and Strain due to Weight     10  Distributed Load on  a Beam

03  Hole Punch Load                             11  Concentrated Moment on Beam

04  Rivet Shear Stress                            12  Beam Bending Stresses

05  Shaft Stress & Twist                         13  Shear Stress in Beams

06  Sizing a Stepped Shaft                     14  Coupled Bending & Tension

07  Thin Walled Vessels                         15  Cantilever Beam Deflection

08  Two Dimensional Stress States        16  Column Sizing                                        

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