Dynamics Review

      In Statics bodies are considered to be stationary or moving with a constant velocity acted on by forces in equilibrium.  In Dynamics the velocity of bodies change with time due to the effect of an unbalanced force that creates acceleration as prescribed by Newton's Second Law of Motion.  In addition to a selection of classical dynamics problems this series of videos includes projectile motion, kinematics of rolling, simple and compound gear trains, the effect of curved motion as well as the principles of work - energy and impulse - momentum. 


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01  Inroduction and overview                      11  Distance to Stop a Vehicle

02  Block Sliding Down Plane                      12  Mass Rotating in a Circle

03  Block Placed on Conveyor                     13  Launching Velocity

04  Weights on Cables                                 14  Vehicle on a Curve

05  Particle Displacement Given Velocity     15  Rotation of a Bar

06  Projectile Motion  of a Bullet                  16  Disk Rolling Down Plane

07  Initial Velocity of a Baseball                    17  Disk with Offset Mass

08  Kinematics of Rolling                              18  Slowing Down a Cart

09  Simple Gear Train                                   19  Time to Stop Vehicle

10  Compound Gear Train

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