Design Engineerig

      Design Engineering refers to the application of the methodologies and practices of creativity and innovation, operational analysis and decision making in the engineering practice process of solving real engineering problems.   This definition is valid irrespective of the engineering discipline involved.   The applicable engineering fundamentals and laws of nature may vary but the process remains the same.  The material that follows is drawn from the mechanical engineerig discipline.    

                    Engineering Practice Process

      The presentations on the Engineering Practice Process cover the intellectual activities involved, the role they play in the step by step solution process and application of the process to a sample problem.  The remainder of the presentations ( still to be completed )  are case study solutions to a veriety of real design engineering related problems.

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Engineering Practice Process - Part 1  (Synthesis vs. Analysis)

Engineering Practice Process - Part 2  (Process Flow Chart)

Engineering Practice Process - Part 3  (Problem Application)

                                       Example Case Studies

Airplane Landing Problem 

Pilot Ejection Seat

Match a Motor to a Load

           Additional case study presentations are in the process of being prepared.

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