Need help remembering a concept from a mechanics or mechanical design course?  

         How about a better understanding of the  engineering design process with case studies? 

         Learn more about mechanical engineering design: power transmission, vibration, shock,  deflection, strength, endurance, assembly?


             Design Engineering - Review 

        Videos that present a wide range of mechanical design fundamentals and  applications for the educational review and benefit of engineering students and practitioners.  ("Quick Time" player is required to view videos.) 


                     Engineering Mechanics

         A collection of 50 +  mini-videos covering Statics, Dynamics and Strength of Materials.  Each  includes a problem,  theory  and detailed solution with summary.  Created to help students prepare for the Fundamental of Engineering Exam. 

                        Design Engineeering         

         This collection includes presentations on the process of design engineering problem solving and its application to mechanical engineering exemples.   Case studies provide insight to assist the engineer/designer practice the profession with greater success and satisfaction.

                          Design for "xxx"

         The third collection is a series of “ Design for xxx” lectures covering: Power Transmission, Vibration, Shock, Static Deflecton, Torsion, Slender Members, Strength, Endurance, and Assembly.  Each includes theory and applications to sample problems with solutions and evaluation. 


         The materials in "Design Engineering" and "Design for "xxx" are from courses in Mechanical  Engineering taught by the author at North Carolina State University.

   © Carl Zorowski 2013